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Client Testimonials

My wife and I moved from California to the east coast in 2010. Our Monterey real estate agent put us in touch with Strategic Loan Solutions as we contemplated a short sale of our New Monterey home. A short sale was something neither one of us had any experience with and to be honest, we were a bit nervous. However, from our initial contact with SLS, we learned that there are businesses that still pride themselves on professionalism and offer a service that is based on true expertise. Short sales are not simple things; they have many moving parts, not to mention a language all their own. Philip’s first rule of business is to walk his customers through the process so they begin to get their heads around what the short sale is all about. Neither my wife or I have experienced a more masterful explanation of a complex process than what we heard from Philip; it put our initial fears to rest and reassured us that we were working with the best through this tricky situation. As we turned things over to SLS, this sentiment was only reinforced. (Your Staff) made sure we had every form we needed and that we understood them clearly; they are both extremely courteous people (even when we were late getting a form signed!) and we both felt as if we were working with people we’d known for years. Once the process was fully in motion, SLS provided us with weekly updates on the status of our sale; if new information was needed from the bank, (your staff) notified us immediately with a clear explanation of what and why they were asking for it. When we ultimately got to closing, Philip again provided us with a full and concise walkthrough of the process; again, we could not have received a more clean-cut description of how things would wrap up. All said and done, our process took about four months - lightning speed for a short sale, we hear. Certainly “results may vary”, but we firmly believe that this was due to the abilities and character of SLS. We give them our highest recommendation.
— The Seller, Short Sale closed Sept. 2011
Dear SLS Team !

We would like to express our gratetude for the great job you did for us. We wish you to have a wonderful, sweet weekend.
— Seller's Short Sale closed summer 2011
Dear Philip and the entire SLS Team,

I’m very happy with the outcome of my short sale and so grateful that you were there to help me though the whole process. We met my goal of achieving an actual sale of my condo to an appreciative buyer and your negotiating skills and persistence made it all finally come together.

Thank you so much for staying with me and keeping up the continuing effort. It has been a pleasure working with you.
— Seller on a Short Sale
Dear Mr. Daunt,

We would like to thank you and your staff for your help and support in the short sale process of our home. What seemed to be overwhelming, confusing and impossible was clarified in our first vist to your office. The options you presented and suggestions you made were perfect for our situation. You gave not only your professional wisdom and expertise, but also the emotional support we needed to survive this terrible ordeal. We continue to recommend your valuable services to others in the same situation.

Thank you so much!
— Seller's, Short Sale closed Aug. 2011